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      1. Crabs

      The swimming crab is found in Japan, Korea, the Malay archipelago, the red sea and most of the coast of mainland China. The fishing season is spring and autumn, the fishing season is long, the yield is high, the body is big meat, the taste is delicious, the nutrition is rich. Shell can be used as medicinal materials, but also can be extracted chitin, widely used in a variety of industries. Swimming crab is the most important Marine crab in China, with great economic significance.

      The crab foot meat is made of crab claws grown in the waters of the Taiwan strait of fujian province. The 360g package contains about 36 pieces of crab-foot meat, enough to make a bag of 7-10 swimming crabs.

      On raw material selection, fujian is strictly selected fresh sea crabs harvested from ocean fishing, head fat, fresh and juicy, sweet and elastic meat. After shelled, the crabfoot meat has to be quickly frozen in a low temperature after sterile vacuum packaging, which keeps the delicacy and nutrition of the crab firmly locked. When eating, it only needs to be defrosted and then heated.

      On the nutritional value, each 100 grams of swimming crab crab meat contains 14 grams of protein, 2.6 grams of fat and a variety of minerals, has the effect of promoting blood and removing silt. Due to its soft and elastic meat, it is suitable for the old people, children and people with high work pressure to supplement protein.

      2. Soft cephalopods

      Squid is distributed in shallow tropical and temperate seas, and is commonly found in bohai sea, south of fujian, Taiwan, guangdong and guangxi. Squid is rich in protein and amino acids needed by human body, calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc, B vitamins and iodine are also rich, with the functions of nourishing Yin, nourishing deficiency and nourishing skin, treating anemia, inhibiting cholesterol, relieving fatigue, restoring eyesight, improving liver and so on.

      Fujian is squid fishing from zhangzhou dongshan island, in the subtropical Marine monsoon climate, summer without heat, winter without cold, warm dongshan island is really a seafood hotbed. After the squid sea is caught on shore, the fresh state of quick-frozen preservation immediately, as far as possible to retain the original squid fresh delicious and Q spring taste.

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